Neil, our photographer has put together a beautiful video showing the flight of a faery. From the grounds of the lush forests that are carved with trickling streams to islands off the north coast. We travel over varied landscapes accompanied with the signature Faeries of Tasmania melody. We hope you enjoy it.

Cradle Mountain

Lady Plummage holds Cradle Mountain close to her heart. The majestic mountains open up to reveal beautiful lakes dotted with a variety of plants and animals. These include Wombats, pademelons and echidnas. Also, the Nutmeg, Whiskered and Mauve Chested Faery.

This is where Lady Plummage had her first encounter and where her mission began to collect other sightings that may have happened in Tasmania. She still visits the place from time to time, although as the tourists grow in numbers, the encounters of faeries are becoming fewer.


‘It’s a balancing act really. Much like eating the right amount of cake to not broaden ones physique. A case of finding that sweet spot where we can have both, without upsetting the other.’ Lady Plummage


Faeries of Tasmania book

Lady Plummage is very proud to announce that the book is now available.

You can read more about the details here.


‘It’s a stunning book!.’ Lady Plummage


Lady Plummage introduces you to her world and her collection of a certain chocolate brand in Tasmania, Australia. Then, a few selected eye witness accounts of faeries fill out the rest of the book.

The lost ‘W’

Lady Plummage is extremely annoyed. It appears that a faery, or so she has been convinced, has swapped the capital ‘W’ with a lower case ‘w’ in Terry Whidborne’s name, which appears on the spine of the wrap. Lucky for us, Terry finds this all very amusing and doesn’t expect anything less from the cheeky Tasmanian faeries.

Can you find the faery or the upper case ‘W’?

We do hope they stay well clear of book 2. But who knows what they’ll do.

A pocketful of rainbows

Tasmania has this power to transport you. Take you somewhere full of wonder. To fill your senses of natural beauty. To fill your body of what it needs to take on today’s life.

Lady Plummage is always in awe of this majestic state and the way it always has surprises in store.

Neil, has been going about taking more photos for book 2 and a possible book 3.


‘It’s a dream job. Where else can you travel from the sandy beaches to rainforests and then snow in such a short distance. It’s a pocketful of rainbows, as Elvis would say.’ Neil



So wonderful to see this cheeky illustration come to life.

Walnut Ink


‘There is more life to what you see is old. How you treat it will decide how much is given back.’ Lady Plummage


Lady Plummage has been wanting to make walnut ink for some time. With knotted and gnarled walnut trees in her garden, Lady Plummage has been collecting the black, shrivelled skins, most are void of nuts due to the amount of plump possums in the area. She then prepares the walnut skins for the pot, where they are boiled, filtered, cooled and then carefully bottled.

Lady Plummage has given her book artist a bottle for testing before it hits our website.

The Faery Archives

The Faery Archives is very much like the Magic Circle for Magicians, you have to be part of it to really know what’s going on.

Lady Plummage is part of the Archives of which the Faeries of Tasmania is a small arm. Even though they are governed by the same set of rules, Faeries of Tasmania operates independently under the guidance of Lady Plummage.

The Feary Archives believe we are unknowingly living with faeries in our day to day lives.


‘With the work of Lady Plummage, the naysayers are becoming quieter and in some cases crossing over.’ Faery Archives


The naysayers or ‘Others’ as we have come to call them, are out to dispute claims of sightings and that this whole organisation is a farce, a notion for only children’s books and wide-eyed people wanting to believe. Ultimately the Others have no evidence to substantiate their claims.

The Faery Archives have a wealth of knowledge and research spanning many years, of which some are in the Faeries of Tasmania book.

Real Faeries?

This was sent to us from a follower, who would like to remain anonymous. Their mum caught the Faery accidentally whilst videoing her Bird of Paradise for a friend. It wasn’t until later, whist watching back the footage, noticing the tiny flying creature. It looks like it briefly watched mum, before chasing another faery.

‘Becoming just a dream’

An excerpt from one of Lady Plummage’s interviews.

‘It landed on the back of my hand, checked its foot for something as it seemed to be irritated. Then straightened up and flittered to my forearm. The wings really stood out to me, long and pale in colour.

‘It was only a moment that we made contact before it flew off. It has stuck in my head ever since and the more the years go on, the more the memory fades, becoming just a dream. It changed my life to the point that I now make little houses for them. They’re up in my trees, just in case they visit again.’

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