Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, however you celebrate the end of year, we wish you all the best and hope 2024 is full of faery fun.

We will be shutting our doors over the Christmas for a much needed break after such a busy year of researching, writing and designing.

Book 2 is nearly finished. Lady Plummage will be going over the text for the book, making sure everything is just right – we don’t want any mishaps just before it goes to print.

The fairy/faery census

It doesn’t matter how you spell it, apart from the local collection of sightings by Lady Plummage, Dr Simon Young is presently organising a census of fairy sightings. He has been doing so for the last few years and the census is residing on the Faery Investigation Society website.

So, if you have encountered a faery and would like it to be part of the wider faery sighting community, you can do the survey here. All entries are anonymous.

You can also view the previous census The Fairy Census, 2014-2017

Or if you prefer, we can pass on your sightings to Dr Simon Young directly.

Map of sightings from book 1

Kindly put together by Terry.

Tasmanian exhibition

With the success of the Brisbane exhibition, we are looking to have another in our home state of Tasmania. It’ll most likely be in conjunction with the release of book 2 later next year and be bigger. We are looking at special book packages, prints, original artwork by Terry, and much more.

It’ll be a matter of finding the correct venue, which fits the world of Lady Plummage.

So much happening, and so exiting.

Book Review

It was exciting to hear Rayne Allinson & Mel Bush on ABC Radio, talking about the ‘Faeries of Tasmania’ book. It’s so nice to hear people enjoying the local book and also what is ahead with future publications.

While it’s available, you can listen to the review from ABC Hobart radio here. Move to 2:33:10 in the timeline to hear:

Edith S Brown

We have been so lucky to have readers come forward with further information on Edith S Brown, the chocolatier. You may have read about her in book 1 of Faeries of Tasmania.

Her story has grown dramatically as evidence comes to light. And, is very exciting. It appears Lady Plummage’s thoughts on her being connected to the faeries in Tasmania are correct.

Vol 2 will delve a little more into her life with diary entries and travel records that have emerged from kind readers.

Lady Plummage has acquired some more of Frears paraphernalia too.

We will let you know when it becomes available.

Lady Plummage

Things have slowed here at Faeries of Tasmania. Lady Plummage has decided to rest for a while. She has been travelling a lot, gathering faery accounts from around Tasmania, which has taken its toll. She will take time out as we collate and organise book 2.

In the meantime here are some snippets from book 2. We know you’d like to see more, but things could change to the structure of the book as new information for both the faeries and Edith S Brown come to light.

The book has reached Tik Tok

Thank you so much Avalon for the wonderful review.


Terry has been busy creating sketches for Lady Plummage’s approval. Book 2 is looking amazing, but we have so much more to do.

Faeries of Tasmania 2 update

With the amazing reception that the first book is receiving, we are well and truly into book 2. New faeries from different locations around Tasmania, plus we are getting much more information about Edith S Brown. We won’t be able to fit everything we know about her, but we’ll certainly be having some exciting evidence.

We are also working with the Port Arthur Historic Site, with a couple of faery sightings that may be in book 2. We’ll have to see how we go for space. It could push out to a book 3 🙂

Terry is also busy translating some of the descriptions to illustrations.

It’s a busy time here at Faeries of Tasmania.

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