Terry Whidborne

Terry has been illustrating books and creating art for many years. He’s been living in Tasmania for the last 5 years on a part time bases. His artwork has been in Grand Designs Australia and various exhibitions.

When he met Lady Plummage, they hit it it off straight away, they had very much in common. Although, Terry soon realised he had to change his attire whenever he met her. Jeans and t-shirt just didn’t cut it for Lady Plummage’s eye for style.

Terry is now busy working his water colour wonders, guided by Lady Plummage’s faery notes.


‘It’s been fantastic to delve into Lady Plummage’s world. Her notes are quite detailed, even to the point of describing the witness from time to time with little scribbles on the cards, which can be quite funny.
Terry Whidborne


He has illustrated a trilogy of books, titled Word Hunters, written by Nick Earls. Created a dark gothic graphic novel titled The Lock. He also dabbles in animation and works with Tiny Owl Workshop on a few small projects here and there. His next exhibition is planned for July 2023.

Terry’s personal website can be found here – the7thworld