Lady Plummage’s Quince paste

Since the early Greeks, this fruit has been coming in and out of vogue. It’s very much in at the moment and Lady Plummage is on a mission to make it stay.


‘I first tasted this paste whilst trekking through the Spanish vineyards. We would end the day corralled around a small wooden table, tasting wine and cheese, which was topped with a thin slice of sticky sweetness.
My my, it was heaven at first taste.’
Lady Plummage


With Lady Plummage’s love of Quince, she is now developing her own slabs of heaven.

Quinces are picked by hand, cleaned and then simmered with a perfect mixture of sugar, lemon and water. That’s it!


‘I named a nearby sighted faery Membrillo, as it was equally as sweet.’Lady Plummage


Lady Plummage’s Quince paste is not ready for retail just yet. Much more tasting is needed.

Future products may come online as Lady Plummage develops her range.

Colour your faery

We’ve put together a page for all you colourful characters.

One of our team members has already given it a go.

Now it’s your turn. Click on the image to print and colour.

‘I have no words’

Something very special arrived this morning, a beautiful faery sculpture. It was left at Lady Plummage’s doorstep, delivered anonymously with a simple note written on handmade paper.

To the person that delivered this gorgeous gift, we are lost for words and has touched Lady Plummage deeply. Thank you.


‘I have no words to surmarise my feelings right now. Beautiful and wonderful are just not enough.’ Lady Plummage


For others wishing to see the gift, we have dedicated some pages to it within the first book. Available throughout Tasmanian bookshops from the 18th November 2022.

Dark Faeries in Tasmania

They can bite, scratch and excrete a nasty poison, which could cause blindness or just a mild irritation. Here at Faeries of Tasmania, we do come across dark faeries from time to time from witnesses. We archive their sightings as equally as we do the lighter side of faeries. All Faeries are unique and special in their own way. We know of an organisation that specialises only in the darker side and all the negative forces that come with it.

If you do encounter a dark faery, please keep your distance whilst taking notes. And if you encounter someone talking of only dark faeries, please keep your distance and notify us.

Through research of Edith S Brown, it has come to light that she also encountered the dark faery followers.

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