Book 2 of Faeries of Tasmania.

We are excited to say that book 2 has officially begun.

Lady Plummage has curated more interviews from her vast archives for book 2. We have also enlisted Terry to begin illustrating the descriptions from the faery witnesses.

We’ll have more updates on Edith S Brown in Hobart and hopefully find her connection to the faeries of Tasmania.

Lutruwita, which is the
traditional land owners name given
to this beautiful state of Australia,
holds a few secrets.

Some people in Lutruwita or Tasmania, have witnessed faeries for many years. Some have been merely shadows, whilst others have had closer encounters. Up until now, the sightings have been kept to family dinners and close friends.

Lady Plummage has been collecting sightings of faeries in Tasmania for many years and is now slowly releasing her interviews, describing various faeries around the state. It has taken a while for Lady Plummage to build trust with the witnesses and for them to share their story.

During the interviews the witnesses have given faery descriptions, which have been illustrated by Terry Whidborne. Further illustrations will happen as more sightings are unearthed.

No-one really knows where they have come from or how many reside in Tasmania. They seem, as described by the witnesses, to be varied in appearance.

The original owners of this land say they are not from here. Not originally.

Along with Lady Plummage, is a small dedicated team helping her mission to show the world what others have seen on this amazing little island at the bottom of the world.

Book released

It’s out there, in all great Tasmanian bookshops.


Edith S Brown

Well, we didn’t expect this.

It appears that some readers have recognised Edith’s name in the Faeries of Tasmania book. This has pleased Lady Plummage, as now she may have new information to the life of Edith in Hobart.

Edith is a mystery and any further help to her life or the Frears chocolate brand, would be much appreciated.


Most of the images on this website have been taken by Neil, our local photographer, with exceptions to the odd one from Lady Plummage.

Neil loves wandering through bracken, discovering new areas and new angles. Although as beautiful as they are, we have noticed with his bag full of impressive lenses, they seem mostly to be macro.

Photo ©Neil


‘I do like to get up and close to the subject. You never know what could be hiding behind a leaf, rock or fungi.’ Neil


Neil spends most of his time trekking around Tasmania, finding amazing locations where others would not dare venture. From icy mountain caps, to small rocky islands off the southern coast, he loves it all.

Photo ©Neil

Neil, even though hasn’t personally seen a clear sighting of a faery, keeps an open mind about them. He’s seen the odd strange shape lurking in the shrubs or a blur of something flying past, which he can’t explain. During his downtime, he quite likes collecting coins and often visits garage sales trying to find that elusive coin or vintage camera. He also loves a good meringue from Daci & Daci, Hobart. He’s been part of Lady Plummage’s team since 2019.

Lady Plummage has a certain casual style to her photos. Some would say, candid.

Photo ©Lady Plummage


‘Although, some people I have met do need a helping hand with lights and fudgery, I like to keep my images raw and natural, reflecting this unique wilderness.’ Lady Plummage


Originally, Lady Plummage used a Polaroid J33 Land camera, but then moved onto a camera phone, which she only uses for taking photos. Lady Plummage regards her privacy sacred and will visit people if she needs to talk to them.

As Lady Plummage is very busy, we’ve taken every step to make things swift and easy for her to carry out her research.


‘I’m only 3 clicks away from taking a photo. Anymore than 3 clicks is simply wasteful and very demanding.’Lady Plummage



Neil, our photographer has put together a beautiful video showing the flight of a faery. From the grounds of the lush forests that are carved with trickling streams to islands off the north coast. We travel over varied landscapes accompanied with the signature Faeries of Tasmania melody. We hope you enjoy it.

Cradle Mountain

Lady Plummage holds Cradle Mountain close to her heart. The majestic mountains open up to reveal beautiful lakes dotted with a variety of plants and animals. These include Wombats, pademelons and echidnas. Also, the Nutmeg, Whiskered and Mauve Chested Faery.

This is where Lady Plummage had her first encounter and where her mission began to collect other sightings that may have happened in Tasmania. She still visits the place from time to time, although as the tourists grow in numbers, the encounters of faeries are becoming fewer.


‘It’s a balancing act really. Much like eating the right amount of cake to not broaden ones physique. A case of finding that sweet spot where we can have both, without upsetting the other.’ Lady Plummage


Faeries of Tasmania book

Lady Plummage is very proud to announce that the book is now available.

You can read more about the details here.


‘It’s a stunning book!.’ Lady Plummage


Lady Plummage introduces you to her world and her collection of a certain chocolate brand in Tasmania, Australia. Then, a few selected eye witness accounts of faeries fill out the rest of the book.

The lost ‘W’

Lady Plummage is extremely annoyed. It appears that a faery, or so she has been convinced, has swapped the capital ‘W’ with a lower case ‘w’ in Terry Whidborne’s name, which appears on the spine of the wrap. Lucky for us, Terry finds this all very amusing and doesn’t expect anything less from the cheeky Tasmanian faeries.

Can you find the faery or the upper case ‘W’?

We do hope they stay well clear of book 2. But who knows what they’ll do.

A pocketful of rainbows

Tasmania has this power to transport you. Take you somewhere full of wonder. To fill your senses of natural beauty. To fill your body of what it needs to take on today’s life.

Lady Plummage is always in awe of this majestic state and the way it always has surprises in store.

Neil, has been going about taking more photos for book 2 and a possible book 3.


‘It’s a dream job. Where else can you travel from the sandy beaches to rainforests and then snow in such a short distance. It’s a pocketful of rainbows, as Elvis would say.’ Neil


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