Book 2 illustration

This lovely little faery (in the far right picture above) has taken on the appearance of the Spotted Begonia plant, which is also housing a small Silvereye. They appear to be spying on each other.

Book 2 for Faeries of Tasmania is coming along nicely. Some beautiful pieces are being sent to us from Terry, our illustrator on the project. You can find more about him and his other projects here or read a brief intro about him here.

Aos Sí exhibition

Aos Sí
(In the irish language means People of the mounds.)

Terry recently joined Sue Wright, from Tiny Owl Workshop, for a faery exhibition at the Brisbane Mt Coot-tha botanical gardens.

The small art studio within the gardens set the scene for a magical display. If you are in the area, it is worth a visit. Take a look.

The exhibition lasted for just a week and was a mixture of sketches, books, prints and sculptures with the theme of faery. People had entered a whimsical world. The small exhibition, had given a big impact on the locals.

Some lovely quotes from people as they wondered around.


‘I’ve been coming here for years and this is the first time I’ve walked in and smiled.’



‘This world makes me feel much younger than 69. Thank you.’


Terry had specially framed a few archival large prints from our book, which were snapped up. Further prints were ordered and delivered to their new homes. The Faeries of Tasmania book was on display along with limited bags, wrapping paper, block prints and T-Shirts. A special sketch was also on display for book 2.

Sue from Tiny Owl Workshop, had some wonderful sculptures of faeries, harpies, faery jingle bells and brooches, just name a few. She also had an amazing motor bike helmet, which was covered in fungi and moss. It was almost as if nature was reclaiming.

Here are some highlights from the week.

Lady Plummage’s Quince paste

Since the early Greeks, this fruit has been coming in and out of vogue. It’s very much in at the moment and Lady Plummage is on a mission to make it stay.


‘I first tasted this paste whilst trekking through the Spanish vineyards. We would end the day corralled around a small wooden table, tasting wine and cheese, which was topped with a thin slice of sticky sweetness.
My my, it was heaven at first taste.’
Lady Plummage


With Lady Plummage’s love of Quince, she is now developing her own slabs of heaven.

Quinces are picked by hand, cleaned and then simmered with a perfect mixture of sugar, lemon and water. That’s it!


‘I named a nearby sighted faery Membrillo, as it was equally as sweet.’Lady Plummage


Lady Plummage’s Quince paste is not ready for retail just yet. Much more tasting is needed.

Future products may come online as Lady Plummage develops her range.