Book 2 update

The illustrations from Terry have been stunning. They have certainly captured the descriptions from the faery witnesses. Below are some teasers to give you a peek within the pages of book 2, due out for Christmas 2024.

A2 archival prints

Since the exhibition, we have been contacted by various people wanting prints of their favourite faery from the Faeries of Tasmania book.

The A2 prints are archival and printed on 100% cotton paper using archival inks. They are packed into wide sturdy tubes, ready for shipping.

If you would like a particular faery printed, please get in touch.

Book 2 Patterns

With the new book comes new patterns. You may know from previous posts, Lady Plummage loves the artwork of William Morris. For those not familiar with his work check him out here.

His patterns are the perfect balance of fauna and flora weaving within each other to create the design that would adorn Victorian walls and textiles.

Lady Plummage instantly connected with his work and the synergy with how she saw the Tasmanian faeries in nature.

So with that in mind, Terry has taken on the daunting task with creating faery patterns in the spirit of William Morris.